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Hi Folks,

What is i18n? How to write i18n Test Cases? If any one having sample cases, it wouold be helpful.


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What is I18N
* internationalization - I + 18 letters + N
* making applications work in multiple languages and locales
* Involves:
o Text input
o Text output
o Text processing
o Translation (e.g., gettext)

Consider how it will deal with different datatypes and their localized entry/display formats:

* Numbers
* Dates
* Times
* Time Zones, and any effects of Daylight Saving Time
* Currencies
* Phone Numbers
* Addresses
* Zip Codes / Postal Codes
* String Fields' Character Set
* National Characters and Accent Marks
* Special Characters
* Internet Domain Names
* Encoding for Web Pages

Also consider such issues as:

* Use of Abbreviations
* Use of Color
* Use of Icons and other Images
* Paper Sizes (8.5 x 11 vs A4)
* Envelope Sizes
* Localized Sort Order
* Order of Given and Family Names
* Keyboard Types to be Used
* International Laws and Regulations
* Encryption Rules and Regulations
* Copyright Laws
* Security Expectations and Regulations
* Import/Export Limitations
* Tax Issues
* Currency Exchange/Conversion Rules
* Holidays

And consider how you will roll out the Localized versions of your application

* Simultaneous with the Original Version?
* Phased Releases?

These are just a few of the many issues to think about. Depending on the type of application, you may have other concerns.


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