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What is Fuzz testing? Explain in briefly?

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Fuzz testing a simple technique for feeding random input to applications. While random testing is a time-honored technique, our approach has three characteristics that, when taken together, makes it somewhat different from other approaches.

1. The input is random. We do not use any model of program behavior, application type, or system description. This is sometimes called black box testing. In the command-line studies (1990, 1995, and 2006), the random input was simply random ASCII character streams. For our X-Window study (1995), Windows NT study (2000), and Mac OS X study (2006), the random input included cases that had only valid keyboard and mouse events.

2. Our reliability criteria is simple: if the application crashes or hangs, it is considerd to fail the test, otherwise it passes. Note that the application does not have to respond in a sensible manner to the input, and it can even quietly exit.

3. As a result of the first two characteristics, fuzz testing can be automated to a high degree and results can be compared across applications, operating systems, and vendors.
Hi Sailaja Kiran,

Fuzz testing can only be regarded as a bug-finding tool rather than an assurance of quality i.e.

Testing Software with random inputs to check the application behavior if any exceptions are occurred is it handled properly or not. when any different or invalid inputs are given than that should not crash or it should not give Exceptions. To find this we used call Fuzz Testing..

Fuzz testing is indeed any ASSURANCE of Quality, i.e. RELIABILITY. It ensures on improper inputs application is expected to be RELIABLE(with out crashing or breaking down).

Rest is correct.

Testing has evolved to ensure QUALITY and nothing else.

Hello there ... I don’t see any point of discussing new and junky terms which normal changes in every 6 months ... now when you come with something like FUZZ testing ... just to try to understand ... what FUZZ means ... don’t fuzz me ... it’s just kind of doing nasty things ...same meaning you have for monkey testing … how does a money behave … when something encounter very first time … in simple terms its just Negative Testing that’s all…

Let me know your questions.

@ Deepak,

Why is monkey testing a Negative testing? Can't a monkey do some thing positive? what is the probability of testing only negativity?

Can a monkey test seed errors into the application? is seeding a form of Negativity alone? How did you conclude Monkey testing and Fuzz Testing to be same? If so why are they give two different names?

For you mate ... again

...same meaning you have for monkey testing … how does a money behave … when something encounter very first time


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