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What is ETL testing. Please some body give the full explanation or provide a good material on it.

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Hi Wayne,

It would be great if you can send those papers to me as well.

My e-mail id is sbathwal@infocepts.com.


Hi Tarique ,

ETL testing is the heart of Data warehouse testing. It includes validations of  data Extracted from source, transformations (functions) applied to data and lastly the target data warehouse(loading).Source could be a relational database(Oracle or SQL Server) or an ERP system or a non relational data sources like Mainframes and Unix.

Unit and integration test scripts are created to validate that the ETL is performed accurately from different sources.

The Referential Integrity checks are done to ensure that relationships between tables is not ambiguous. Surrogate testing is required to check and prevent any orphan records in child tables.

The performance of ETL should be tested with data that resembles closely to Production wrt quality and quantity.

Performance and stress tests are complementary in assessing the efficiency of ETL procedures. Performance tests evaluate the behavior of ETL with reference to a routine workload, i.e., when a domain-typical amount of data has to be extracted and loaded; in particular, they check that the processing time be compatible with the time frames expected for data-staging processes. On the other hand, stress tests simulate an extraordinary workload due to a significantly larger amount of data.

The recovery test of ETL checks for robustness by simulating faults in one or more components and evaluating the system response. For example, you can cut of the power supply while an ETL process is in progress or you can set a database online while an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) session is in progress to check for restore policies' effectiveness. 

ETL stands for Extract Transformation and Load.It is also known as data warehouse testing.It verifies that data is transformed correctly according to various business rules.But this testing has few drawbacks.One such is data loss during ETL process.

Hi Tarique  Ahamed,

Can you plz share the ETL Testing material ,it would be of great help



Hi Wayne,

It would be great if you can send those papers to me as well.

My e-mail id is italimith@gmail.com


plz any one having ETL testing materials pzl send it to my below mail id 



For ETL Testing Interview Questions you visit:


Wayne, please send to me @ gopaljeeva79@gmail.com

Hi All,

    If anybody have doubts in ETL testing, let me know, will give my level best answers.



Hello Subbu,

I don't even know the ABC of ETL, can you please explain in detail about ETl. This will be very nice help for all the newbies.



Hello Nikhil,

     For basics as What is ETL? How to perform ETL testing .....such information u can get it from previous posts in this discussion, it will give all basic info so pls go throgh it and come up with some questions,so that i can assist you.



Hi Subbu,

I have listed my questions.Could you please explain for below given my questions.

1. Could you please explain about Event Task Validation,Email Task Validation, Parameter file Validation. 2. how to perform regression Testing in ETL. Regression nothing but we need any side effect is there or not.if any changes in any module. How we are applying Regression in ETL.



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