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Can any one give me exact definition of Entry & Exit Criteria and also explain one scenario.

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The definition were good not complete, I am not satisfied with the answer

* yes they are simple, they didn't cover the basics completely.

Entry and Exit criteria are not for BUILD alone, they are for every activity in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.
They are not confined to Testing.

Remember Lord Humphrey's Waterfall model? ETVXM architecture was designed to overcome the flaws in waterfall.
ETVXM popped up the idea of Entry and Exit.

Very Good example JI i hope it will understand to all ... thanks :)
Yes Mr. Shakthi,

I wish everyone understand this. You know that I am always explaining in my own language with simple examples so that everyone can understand easily :)

Kapil Samadhiya
Nice & Simple answer Kapil. Keep it up.
Hi Abu!
You r right.
but if you assess the level of majority members on QT u will find that most of them r freshers or low level experienced
members and that too experience limited to Testing.
Hence the discussions you will found has certain limits. One cannot expect them to be sharp Software Engineers.

In view of above thebest strategy is refrain from discouraging comments.
wherever we find incomplete comments, we should not say that part but we shouldreply like this;

the displayed reply is correct to the context in which you have replied but in my overall context the reply is as under:



Bye Abu
QT friend
________ JAY ____________
False encouraging may also result in failure!
Why didn't you encourage the best reply, complete reply by one of our friend???

It has to be both encourage and warning, I believe I made both.

I find bias, you took the stand of encouragement for everything? why not educate them for the better?

I am not harsh, yet not easy. I don't care how my reply looks like,


I want my facet of the answer to be well understood.

QT Friend!
Hi Abu!
Have u any knowledge about Psychology and HRD.
I think if yr concepts in two context have been clear u would not have submitted yr last reply.
The bias seems unclear to u
Refer my comments on page of that friend and u will come to know about reality. Even u may ask that friend about my opinion for him u will get clarified
Refer my replies and derive the true sense of it.
There ways of expressing things: Moulding and distorting. One cannot take simultaneous approach of both.
_______ JAY_______
Entry Criteria :- Functional procedures i.e checking the functionalities.

Exit Criteria:- Req. procedures i.e satisfies the requirements.

Entry & Exit Criteria for Test Plan:

Entry Criteria : SRS/BRS,Developement Plan,TRM

Exit Criteria: Reviewed Testplan

Entry criteria specifies the details about the basic setup that should be ready for starting an activity.

Ex:For test case execution we need to have test bed,test cases,test resources ready in place.

Entry criteria: It specifies the conditions to be meet to stop the activity.

Ex:For releasing the application to acceptance testing,we need to meet the conditions like percentage of test cases passed,no p1 & p2 bugs exists in the system and all the scope FS requirements are covered in the functional testing


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