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What is Endurance Testing and How to do it? Any one reply to my question.

Mary Latha

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Endurance testing is testing to check the memory leakage during the prolong execution. i am doing the Endurance testing in Current project. i got lots of bugs in memory related it is very difficult to solve the bug for developers
Hi Kamal,

Can you tell me how to do Endurance testing. Is it related to Performance testing?? Is there any tools available to do Endurance testing or manually we can do? If you are doing manually can you pls tell me how to find out memory related issues. Can you explain me with some example.

It is also called as a soak testing. done to check the prolonged execution of the program in the application or system.
This is a kind of Performance testing. This test is usually done to determine if the application can sustain the continuous expected load. During endurance tests, memory utilization is monitored to detect potential leaks
Hi Menaka

Yes it is related to performance testing. Actually i donot know about any i am doing the manually.i have one core java project. Run Application and Run Jconsole along with application. Increase send data in regular interval then it will shows memory problem and it crashes application. you have to run application near about one to days days it depends upon environment of application.

Kamal Bansal
Ok Kamal...thanks for your response
Checks for memory leaks (or) Other problems that may occur with prolonged execution.
There was an article in a recent Better Software Magazine (stickyminds.com) about what they called longevity testing that might answer some of your questions:



TTWT Magazine





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