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what is difference between system testing and system integration testing

Hi friends

i have faced this question in interview . generally testers will invove in integration testing

r not

1) what testers will check in integration and what is the difference between integration testing and system integration testing

2) what is differnce between system testing and system integration pls with ex for each case






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Hi Padmavathi,

System testing -- When modules are combined is called subsystem (if it is a large project ) or system, testing this is called a system testing -- where we are testing functional flow of an entire application 

System integration -- when two are more systems are integrated between them is called system integrated testing -- this kind of application we can find in "n- tier". ex: banking domain. where i am member of SBI bank and i am using SBI card in ICICI or other bank ATM and transaction is completed.



In Integration tester wont involved, Team lead, project manager and developers involved in integrating the application.

Integration testing -- When ever one or module inetegrated with other module is called integration. Testing this intgrated modules are called Integration testing.  Where we test data flow from one module to another module.

System integration is explained below



Thanks a lot sandeep for ur reply


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