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what is Desk Checking? Can any one reply this question.

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Desk checking means, verifying overall code / verifying enter test cases for the particular feature in that particular release.
Hi Shria,

Cross checking once work by himself is Desk Checking could be anything, like test case review, defect review, execution review etc.

* It's always good to give a Desk Check on an every day basis.

it seems that it is a kind of informal review!

Indeed, it's an Informal review and is a Prevention activity.

I follow this practice to make sure my work is as expected.
Hi Siddiq,

we follow it.Review or cross checking one's work by others and self.I don't know it is Desk checking thanks Siddiq for telling it.

Best Regards,
My point of view,

Desk Checking is nothing but, re-verification of our work (daily work / weekly work/ etc..)
Hi All,

Just a clarification...
Is it somewhat like Code review or Peer Review process used during development?

~ Gargi
Desk checking is nothing but a re-verification of work we have done. Just like informal review.


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