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Hi, I am a learner. I have been searching for tester forum which provide helpful information on manual and automation testing so that I can get help from its active members to get good learning on defect & error seeding. I have searched a lot of forums but didn't get the fruitful answer. I am hoping to get my query resolved and also looking to get informative links of such more forums.

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Hello Kyle,

Thanks for posting all your queries on QT.

Can you refer below link: 


Thanks for reviewing my query

Defect seeding is a practice in which defects are intentionally inserted into a program by one group for detection by another group. The ratio of the number ofseeded defects detected to the total number of defects seeded provides a rough idea of the total number of unseeded defects that have been detected.

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Defect seeding is done to find capabilities of a testing team. A testing team will add few defects in the application and the other one has to find out all the defects in that.

Defect Seeding is implanting the defect intentionally in the code to test the unit test case or specific condition or exception handling.

Different purposes of defect seeding:
- To verify how the application is responding when the respective error occurs.
- Determine whether the build is properly tested or not.
- Determine the capability of testing experts in the QA team.

The process of intentionally adding the known defects or manipulating the code to those already in the application for the purpose of monitoring the rate of detection and removal, and estimating the number of defects remaining in the program.


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