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What is database testing and what we test in database testing?

I want to know about DB Testing, Any once answer my question please.

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Hi Shwetha,

Database testing is nothing but testing whether the application is behaving as expected at the Back end. We should test
1)Data Integrity
2) Stored Procedure
3) Data Size
4) Event Driven Item
5)Input Item Verification


For More Information look this Link : http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/data-base-testing
Hi Shweta,

This link also helps you: http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/2064344:Topic:8635

Can anyone please elaborate on the different tools used for database testing ?
Hello Sushant,

Go through this, I am sure this help to you for many way,


Hello Sushant ,

TOAD is a gud tool for database testing
Hi Shwrta

Database testing is very use to testing part because any application data proper update or record display. And check also boundary values . Mostly tester checking database in each application .
1)Data Integrity
2) Stored Procedure
3) Data Size
4) Event Driven Item
5)Input Item Verification

Sandip Wagh
QA Executive
How do you test Data Integrity?

Hello buddy,

With a mushrooming number of internet users, storage, the data creation, and retrieval has reached new heights and so has many issues rising due to these activities. The major source of origin of these failures/defects lies in minimal attention paid towards database handling and testing.

So what do we know by Database and Database Testing?

Database: It is a systematically framed repository of indexed information (basically as a bunch of inter-related data files) that provides an ease of updating, retrieving and analyzing the data. In layman terms, it is defined as a storage structure for data in the form of rows and columns.

Database Testing: It is the process of testing database functions, triggers, and SQL queries. Thereby validating database tables, data models, and database schema as per information provided at the User Interface.


Big Data Testing

As per best practices for functional testing services:

While performing the Database testing we generally check how the data is stored on back end and its impact displayed on front end. We generally check data integrity ,data validation and testing of procedures and triggers while doing DB testing.

DB testing is in a way similar to other types of testing. We need to follow below steps to perform DB testing.
1.Setting up the test environment
2.Run a test for validation
3.Check the output
4.Check results as per expected results
5.Report the issues if there is any discrepancy

Following are the things we generally test in Database testing
1.Checks data mapping
2.Validates ACID Properties[Atomicity,Consistency,Isolation,Durability] of Transactions
3.Checks Data Integrity
4.Validates Accuracy of implemented Business Rules

Hope this will help you in terms of Database testing

It performs module testing of database functions, triggers, views, SQL queries, etc. It validates database tables, data models, database schema, etc. Database testing is a very important aspect of software testing. A database testing is necessary to ensure that the values that an application retrieving or storing into the database are accurate or not. In order to test a database, it is necessary that the tester should have sound knowledge of SQL.


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