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Hi Friends,

What is cosmetic bugs? Give some examples you have faced in your project.


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Hi Kiran,

Cosmetic defects are the bug which does not affect further processing of the application and testing. The priority of the cosmetic defects are categorized as "low", while assigning priority.

In general cosmetic errors are the spelling mistakes, tab sequence,UI Anamolies like Font related variance, Background color of specific fields etc.

In my experience i have seen some spelling errors in the alert messages,in the tab names,
like "Successfully deleted accoutns "
instead "Successfully deleted accounts" and some more of this sort

Best Regards,
Good reply sireesha. Thanks for your good explanation

cosmetic bugs are nothing but having low severity from testers point of view and loe priority from business point of view. These are the bugs which doesn't affect the functionality directly, cause no harm to system, dont result in any failure.

ex. logo color, tab sequence, font size. etc...
Hi KK,

Issues which are of Low Severity which don't effect the functionality of the application.

Priority of the Cosmetic issues depends on the situation. If the issue is found in Pilot(production) then it is of higher priority than found in Test Environment.

Ex : UI Issues which don't effect the functionality are a good example.

Consider the following example, per requirement Logo in the banner of the page shall be of red color. It has been missed during system testing and has been identified in pilot as pink(log0). The priority which would have been assigned in Test Environment was clearly p4, as it is found in production it becomes p1.

Cosmetic Bugs are low priority bugs. For ex: Spelling Mistakes, UI Anamolies like Font related variance, Background color of specific fields etc.
really good explanation. Thanks sireesha.


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