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What is Concurrent Testing? Any one please share the documents?



Madhu Priya

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Hello Madhu,


concurrent testing is the type of testing where you have multiple users performing the exact same requests at the same time.

I found tons of good webpages & pdf's via google! ;)

To Answer your Question - Let me explain you a scenario. Well consider Oracle Website this provides download for tomcat applicaiton server. Around the globe at a time there will be multiple users who access the same site and download the application server.


Hence to test and certify this use case we do Concurrent Testing. Means that Many users access the same application and do the same series of operations at same time period. The resultant should not have any out of memory exception(s) or Dead Lock or any other application / database related failures should not be seen. Probably Load lab is the fine place to perform this Concurrent Testing.



Susheel Vellanki. 

Hai susheel,

  Could u explain me the difference between load,stress and concurrent. i am having confussion around these three testing...



       Load and Stress are two completely different kind of testing ...  In load you never cross your expected limit but in Stress a tester tries to put some extra load by crossing the limit ... ( less than ideal condition )... 




Hello priya,


My name is mohan babu.D from bangalore.

Where r  you from and which company you are working.







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