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What is BI Testing? and What is the use of it?

If there are any documents on the same it will be useful.

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Hi Srikanth,

assumption..... Your term Bi = Business Intelligence ?

If so, then Data warehousing and Business Intelligence engagements pose a
significant threat to organizations or applications with huge volumes of data.
e.g. banks, insurance, telecom etc.

In such institutes, the Information accuracy, consistency and reliability, information
validation, data loss, reporting inefficiencies and data security are some of the important
challenges that needs to be tested.

To address these issues, the primary focus of DW/BI testing is to ensure
competent and perfect database structures, ETL processes, front-end access
and BI reports generations processes. There is much more.. ..
but for the moment im sure.. above info is good to start with :))))


Have a good day. / sanjay

Hello srikanth I have made a document.

i am sharing it here.

hope it will help u.


Hello Nikhil.....


Really the information in the doc is very very useful,helpful  and Perfect......


Thank Thank u so much Nikhil for sharing this......




Nice Doc dude.....thanx for sharing....

thx nikhil

thanks for the appreciation sagar and bhargav,

this is my first document and i just wanted that the new joinees in this field doesnt face the same problems that i have faced.

pls share it with those people whom u know are new to this wonderful field....


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