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What is Agile Testing ? how can work on Agile Testing?

Is any body tell me what is mean by Agile Testing? and how can work on Agile testing?

This is tool? or methodology?

I need deatils on aagile testing to work on...please if anybody have knowledge post thier comments


thanks in advance


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It's a methodology of the testing.
This methodology is used for the fast driven approach. In that the every stoke holder involved in the each activity. Mainly the testing team, involved in each activity require description.
Agile is a methodology for software development. In this methodology, there will be testing activities.

Agile Testing is all about ,focusing on the software to work as expected from acceptance testing point of view rather than only working on findings defects, Developers and testers work very closely to each other.
the sdlc is divided into iterations , in each iteration all the team is involved( testers, developers,managers,support)
software is delivered in iterations and for each iteration certain timeline is decided and meetings are scheduled at fixed intervals...

Anybody please add something more than this :)
Agile is a Methodology of Testing. The Requirement is divided into small chunks. And They made small team of 4 to 5 people. The agile methodology is divided into 5 to 9 weeks. and daily stand up meeting will be there with developer. Here user has to update the there yesterday what we done and Explain todays task...
It's a methodology of the testing.
When ever the Requirement changes frequently then we will go for Agile Testing methodology .
In agile testing is a methodology, in which products development is devided into multiple iteration, each iteration of 4-8 weeks. in each iteration testing team works closely with programmers, Business Analysts and managers to test only small portion of functionality defined in the iteration. Because all stake holders work closely, so it is very easy to identify any bug in the functionality.
yes, u r right, in Agile testing methodology we have to test the application, acceptance testing point of view. Application is developed by many groups,may be in different orgs. Scrum call is happened daily and we have to give daily status of testing.

Below article for newbie who want to know what is agile, how agile works, how agile testing methodology is different from traditional methodologies and what are the challenges in agile:

Agile Testing Method Simplified

Attached is file , which will brief u about Agile testing.



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