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What is a Run-Time data table in QTP? any one answer this question.

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Hi Sridevi,

During the run session, QuickTest creates a run-time Data Table—a live version of the Data Table associated with your test or component. During the run session, QuickTest displays the run-time data in the Data Table pane so that you can see any changes to the Data Table as they occur.

When the run session ends, the run-time Data Table closes, and the Data Table pane again displays the stored design-time Data Table. Data entered in the run-time Data Table during the run session is not saved with the test or component. The final data from the run-time Data Table is displayed in the Run-Time Data Table in the Test Results window.

The test results tree also includes the table - shaped icon that displays the run - time data table - a table that shows the values used to run a test containing data table parameters or the data table output values retrieved from a application under test


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