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Any one can explain what is a QA process in testing?

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QA process mean verification of any Product . QA is best carried out on process while QC is best carried out on product.
QA is apply every stage of SDLC while QC (Tester) at end of some development process.
This is simple difference.
Hitesh Shah
Ya concise defn...thnx
QA process Depending on the size and type of QA activities required, planning topics can include those listed below:

1. Quality objectives, in measurable terms

2. Types of test and verification and validation (V&V) activities

3. Entry and exit criteria for project lifecycle phases

4. Responsibilities of the QA group

5. Resource and training requirements for the QA group or function

6. Scheduling, budgeting and funding of QA activities

7. QA participation in development of project plans, standards, and procedures

8. Process evaluations and audits to be performed by QA

9. Product and service audits and reviews to be conducted by QA

10. Standards and procedures used for QA

11. Documenting and tracking noncompliance issues, and the escalation procedure

12. Documentation that QA establishes, maintains, and controls over the life of the project through delivery

13. Method, audience, and frequency of providing feedback on QA activities

---Sandip Wagh
This procedure covers Process and Product Quality Assurance process describes how to prepare evaluation reports, non-compliance reports, QA reports, corrective actions and the status reports of the same.
The main objective of QA Process is -
-Objectively evaluating performed processes, work products, and services against the standards and procedures.
-Identify and document non-compliance issues.
-Providing feedback on project staff and managers on quality assurance activities.
-Ensuring non-compliance issues are addressed.
Following points should follow in the PPQA Process (Process and Product Quality Assurance)
• Entry Criteria
• Detailed Activities
o Establishment of PPQA group (which is part of SEPG)
o Prepare and release Annual PPQA Audit Plan
o Prepare detailed PPQA Audit schedule for the month
o Prepare for PPQA Audit
o Conduct PPQA Audit
o Prepare NCR
o Send PPQA Audit Observation Report and/or NCR to SEPG and Auditee
o Identify CA/PA
o Send PPQA Audit Observation Report and/or NCR to SEPG
o Take CA/PA
o Verify CA/PA
o Prepare PPQA Audit Report (Part of SEPG Report) for the month
o Escalate to Sr. Mgmt about pending NCs
• Verification
• Entry Criteria
Sandip and Hitesh Explain very Well..


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