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There are two types of test cases:

1. Testcase to verify the given requirement (positive testcase)

2. Testcase to break the requirement (negative testcase)

A testcase should have the following:

* Pre-requisite (to start any test)
* Description or Procedure (to execute the test)
* Data (if needed for execution)
* Expected result (what you are expecting out of your execution)

A good test case should have the above points in a simple language that anybody can understand even without prior knowledge of the application under test.

Simple testcase example:

To verify the login process in Hotmail.com using IE browser.


IE should be installed and working in the testing system.

System should be connected to Internet.


web id: www.hotmail.com

User Id =

Password =

Test Description:

Step1: Launch IE by double clicking on the IE icon in desktop.

Step2: Clear cookies by selecting menu in IE -> Tools/InternetOptions... and press Delete Cookies button in General Tab. Press OK to close the dialog box and press OK button to close the Internet option dialog box.

Step3: Clear the address bar content, type www.hotmail.com (web id) in the address bar and click Go button.

Step4: Verify Sign In screen appears with the User Id, Password text boxes and Sign In button.

Step5: Fill up your user id and password in the User Id and Password textboxes

Step6: Click on Sign In button

Step7: Verify that Windows Live Hotmail page appears with the default folders: Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, Deleted along with your email id and Sign out link.

Expected Result:

Step1: IE should open with the default page

Step2: Cookies should cleared out from Temporary Internet files folder

Step3&4: Sign In screen should appear with the User Id, Password text boxes and Sign In button.

Step5,6&7: Windows Live Hotmail page should appear with the default folders: Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, Deleted along with email id and Sign out link.

The same way you can write the test case to test the following cases.

i.e; what will happen without clearing cookies, without connecting to internet, giving expired user id and password, giving unregistered user id and password, etc.
It's Wonderful Lakshmi!
Fantastic... Lakshmi Priya , It will very helpful for fresher who are started carrier in testing ..thanks a lot

Are u working ?

Ok tell me on same scenario,
1.How many test case you will try write ?
2.Suppose if U find many more bugs in execution time then how to Reports those ?
3.Whom to Report ?
4.If suppose same bugs not found in dev environment then how u will Respond to team ...

--Mahesh Dhule
A Good Test Case is test cases which finds the more bugs in application.Less test cases and test more functionality.
@Laskhmi priya:good info

but there is a field called "Purpose of the test case",for what functionality your testing for....you have explain in your explaination but didn't mention it

Best Regards,
Which never exists and hence which saves time, effort.


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