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How do you define a bug/defect?

Few easy and most used ones -

"A defect is deviation or discrepancy in observed behavior of the software with reference to an authoritative source of reference" or simply "deviation from specification"

"A crash, loss of data, illegal access, slow response, cluttered GUI, bad aesthetics etc are bugs"

"An error or fault or failure in the system"

"A coding error"

"A mistake committed by the developer"

"A undocumented feature"

"An expected behavior that negatively impacts the user"

What is your definition?


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Any fault in the product is called defect or bug

Is an undesirable deviation from requirements

An Error found in the product itself after it is shipped to the customer .
Defect: The flaws that exist in the system and is in the knowledge of everyone and cannot be solved at that moment.

Bug: The flaws that exist in the system and the system doesn't work according to the business logic and occurs due to improper understanding of the requirements

Defect: A Defect is a deviation from specifications or what ever the things that made customer dissatisfaction.

Bug: A bug can be defined as a defect or fault in the system.

Bug : Any fault in the software that is detected before the application is released

Defect : Any fault or error in the software that is detected after the application is released

Bug: The problem getting at the time of testing.

Defect: when we get problem on customer's hand is a defect.

Bug: It is incorrect part of code caused by an error

Defect: The difference between actual value and expected value
Bug : It is found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the respective customer.

Defect : It is found in the product itself after it is shipped to the respective customer.
Error : Is an undesirable deviation from requirements

Bug : Is an error found BEFORE the application goes into production

Defect :Is an error found AFTER the application goes into production
Bug is a deviation from the expected result. Where as, defect is the problem in the algorithm which leads to failure.

It is like a cycle or process when a mistake in code is turn into error. Due to Error in coding, test engineers are getting mismatches in application is called defect. If defect accepted by development team to solve is called Bug.
Bug:- A small deviation from the result is Bug
Ex:-If a calculator function is executed, then 10+20 should be 30 .If at all the result is displayed as 10, then it is a bug

Defect:-Large deviation of the result from the expected is known as Defect
BUG :It is a fault in a program which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner. Bug is a terminology which is used by Test engineers

Defect :Nonconformance to requirements or functional / program specification. Defect is a terminology which is used by programmers
BUG: Un Expected Behaviour Found in Development/QA Environment before product released to Customer.

DEFECT:Same as BUG but found in realtime environment/at customer's site.
Hi all,

Some are saying similar definition to bug defect
and some are saying different definition to bug and defect.
if we have similar definition why we define separate names as bug ,defect.......then........
All are confused.........
Can any one say ya,,,,,,,,,which is correct................

Bug-which is found before the application goes into production (release)

Defect-which is found after the application goes into productio(release).
Error: Error is "A mistake in a code" done by the developer while coding

BUG: when this error is reported to the developer it becomes a bug

DEFECT : large deviation from the result when this code is uploaded and due the coding mistake the error is still there. then the tester finds this defect in the application.(Test Engineers are getting mismatches in the Application build are

FAULT : when a error is found by the tester its called a bug/fault

FAILURE:- when this error, fault is found by the Client at their end its referred to as a failure
"Not meeting the reliability and requirement of the of the product".


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