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what if a defect has been raised by customer when the application goes live


I have tested a web application. I have tested it by considering all positive and negative cases. Even my project manager has tested the application. When we decided that everything was going fine, then application has been moved to live. But now customer has found a defect which was not found during testing process at our location. At test environment the results were correct. There was no problem at test environment. When the application has moved to live, the results were shown wrong.Don't know where was the problem.

What should a tester do in this situation. what kind of explanation should be given by the testers. and who will be responsible for this problem, the tester or the developer?

Thanks & regards
Jyotsna S

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if your confident on the testing, test cases, test scenarious and your incharge, then the enivronment at which the customer found the defect needs to be investigated. Try to replicate it at your location, else prove to the customer it was a environment specific issue an get a sign off.
In that situation, first do analysis whether the bug is reproducible or not reproducible at your end.
1)if reproducible then check whether it was skipped from your end.
2)if not reproducible then it might be system/environment issues which doesnot occur in our system but occurs at customer system.
3)There might be a situation were developer has change his code at end moment but doesnot communicated to you before final release.
4)There might be a possibility that, you found that bug but it was not possible to fixed the bug at end moment.
5)There might be a end moment changes done for a particular module which lead to get introduce this bugs at different module and that was not tested.

You need to do all these kind of analysis and send a report to Project Manager and cc whole group (people who all are involved in that projects).

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Ojha
Hey thr,

Was this issue not detected in Test environment or UAT environment before the client went live.
Client will always have a UAT setup where the Business user / End user will verify & validate the system/application before it goes live.

Proper analysis has to be done as why was this issue not trapped on Test environment or UAT environment, may be this issue has cropped up due to environment, i,e O.S, browser etc. Cannot comment on any one to be held responsible without proper analysis of issue. In this case RCA i,e Root Cause Analysis has to be done and it depends on organisation structure whether they follow RCA process.
Hi Jyotsna,

May be any of the following reasons while deploy on "Production Server":

1) May be wrong Build version.

2) May be wrong DB version.

3) Chance to miss to update the querries.

4)Chance to miss to cleanup db index.

5)May be version difference in browsers.

6)May be browsers settings.

7)May be hardware / software configurations

8)May be devolopers set the path as "Localhost" , instead of IP address.

Actually by reading error log only , we can come to one conclusion.


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