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what exactly differences btw Error, bug and defect...with example ?

what exactly differences btw Error, bug and defect...with example ?

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1.Basically error is a mistake done by a programmer in coding.

2. While Bug is issue which is logged by tester during testing if application not fulfill the requirements of project.

3. Defect is that issue which is accepted by the developer that the bug which you have logged is really a problem in project

Hi Arun,

Nice comments on the error but as far as my concern..

Bug : - issue which found by testing engineer while testing and

defects :-  which issue have been missed by testing engineer and its comes in front after application release..


But i am still confuse that defects comes in front after release than what is defect leakage...


Please friend clear me :--






Hi ,

1) Mistake which is done by the developer while writing a code. for example to say, instead of A+b, he/she has mention

A-B. This is called Error.

2)Not  getting the expected result. For example to say, clicking on link is not directing to page. This is called Bug.

3)Varies with the expected the result. For example to say, Clicking on link is directing to some other page which is not specified.

  Defect Leakage: Defect leakage occurs at the customer or the end user side after the application deliver. After the release of the application to the client, if the end user get any type of defects by using that application then it is called as Defect Leakage. This Defect Leakage is also called as Bug Leakage.


With Warm Regards,


error:if developer find any mistakes while coding and execution is called error

Defect:if testers find any deviation between expected and actual results will say it as defect

bug:if the defect identified is accepted by developers than we say it as bug.



    It is developed in the development environment before the the product is given to the client.


   It is found in the product itself after the product is given to the client.


  It is the deviation from the actual value from the expected value.



refer to previous discussion in this forum.


As per my knowledge,

Error- Mistake in coding   -  By programmer

Bug-   Find that mistake by Test Engineer while application in under testing

Defect - same error treats as defect by developer once test engineer posted in defect tracking

Issue: If client find that error ofter release or in production

welcome rt comments if its mistake


Aparna S

     BUG:   A fault in a program, which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner.

    DEFECT: If software misses some feature or function from what is there in requirement it is called as defect 

 ERROR: A mistake in the system under test; usually but not always a coding mistake on the part of the developer


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