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Creating test plans is no different from creating plans for any other part of a computing project. A plan enables you to decide in advance:

a)How a project's objectives will be met,
b)With the resources available,
c)To the time scales required,
d)To the quality desired,
e)While controlling the risk.

document which u want:

1. Test plan identifier.
2. Introduction.
3. Test items.
4. Features to be tested.
5. Features not to be tested.
6. Approach.
7. Item pass/fail criteria.
8. Suspension criteria and resumption requirements.
9. Test deliverables.
10. Testing tasks.
11. Environmental needs.
12. Responsibilities.
13. Staffing and training needs.
14. Schedule.
15. Risks and contingencies.
16. Approvals
Thanks Pooja:)

means for each point we have to maintain different document?...I think these are point which have to mention in the test plan document.

@prashant shrivastava's Question ,
from my point of view following documents should have to refer while preparing Test Plan..
•Requirement Specification documents
•Functional Specification documents
•Design Specification documents (use cases, etc)
•Use case Documents
•Test Trace-ability Matrix for identifying Test Coverage

Also should have to concentarte on following points...
•Test Scope, Test Environment
•Different Test phase and Test Methodologies
•Manual and Automation Testing
•Defect Mgmt, Configuration Mgmt, Risk Mgmt. Etc
•Evaluation & identification.
•Test, Defect tracking tools
nice explanation!!!!!!
Nice Job...
Refer "test plan outline" from IEEE 829 standard.
The basic documents used of creating a test plan are following :
• Project Plan
•Requirement Specification documents
•Functional Specification documents
•Design Specification documents (use cases, etc)
•Use case Documents
In addition to Neela Sheshdri list you also need to keep following things in your mind before creating a test plan:
Project Goals - reasons for doing a project
Constraint - influences that affect the way that we meet the requirements
Requirement - capability that somebody needs or wants

--You can use the requirements to estimate work, design tasks and monitor progress. A defined requirements structure gives you to measure the current state of the requirements.
--Identify gaps and changes in the requirements specification and adjust your plan accordingly.


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