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In QTP we have 4 types of objects

1.test objects

2.run time objects

3.supplemental objects

4.utility objects

I am clear about test objects,run time objects and utility objects.

Please explain about Supplemental objects with one example.


Thanks in advance.

Suresh CH


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Hi suresh


The following objects can be used to test elements that are associated with your application, but do not belong to any particular programming environment.

With Regard's

Raghavendra N

Hi Raghavendra,

Thanks for your stuff.

How do you define supplemental objects.


Thanks in advance.

Suresh CH

Hi Suresh,

The database table object used in database checkpoints.

existproperty, GetTOProperty, SetToProperty...

The following example creates a database checkpoint and then checks that the database table object exists.

DbTable("DbTable").Check CheckPoint("DbTable")

IsExists = DbTable("DbTable").Exist (0)


like that each object we can use ...


Raghavendra N


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