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The client has given us 50 or more requirements,we have written test cases for all the requirements the quantity of test cases may be more than 300 or so ?.

Now the client asks us to test the application in a weeks time then what do the tester do in such a situation ?

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In a week time 300 test cases is very easy task. or Did you meant 3000 test cases?
Lets go with 3000 testcases then what should the tester do in such a situation?
If 3000 test cases needs to be executed in a week, then first of all you need to prioritize your test cases i.e. initially while developing them,assign them priority as P1,P2,P3. This exercise of prioritizing will help you in future as well while doing any kind of testing like regression/retesting/smoke/sanity etc.
Once priority is assigned to them take those test cases first for execution which has got P1 as priority,then P2 & if time permits then execute p3. p3 test cases are mostly logo check or cosmetic changes test cases, so can be randomly tested later.
p1,p2 gives lot of coverage to entire application. I hope this will help you, Neela! If still requires any kind of help,do ask!

Thanks Shirish for your valuable information.
Do identifying the important areas/modules of the application and doing ad-hoc or exploratory testing can fulfill the purpose of testing.


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