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What can be done if requirements are changing continuously?

What can be done if requirements are changing continuously?


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progression testing has to be done, what's wrong if requirements are changing?

Their is nothing wrong ... just want to know how the testing wil be done..?? if continues change in requirement  we change the TC every time..??and from where we start changing it in STLC..??

 if requirement changes frequently  and you have time constraint then u can do risk based  testing 

Hi Siddiq,

What mean by progression testing and process?

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Hitesh Shah



 Hi Veena,

 If the requirements are changing frequently  being a tester what You can do is simply try to keep your test cases at High Level. So that if requirement changes You need not to redesign all your test cases ...


A high level test case is nothing but a test case without the concrete data....  during Analysis and Design phase of Testing process we design high level test cases and Priority is also set to those test cases .. and coming down to Implementation and Execution, in this phase a high level test case is converted in low level test cases............   but since the requirement is changing frequently .hence  we will simply design High level test cases and test data will be put in, without documenting them ..

i think

depends upon the model...
which u  have choosen 4 ur prjct

follow risk based approach.

Hi ,

Yes we have need to updated/add test cases and also risk based approach and discussed with Client regarding requirement changes and impact.

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