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What are your organization level Best Practices? I mean benchmark activities?

Hi All,

I would like to know what are the best practices you follow during testing application.

Share your thoughts on Testing best practices.


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Very Good Question, My Firm is Developing Concern and US base Organization, I am Testing another concern Projects

1) Domain : I am working in Communication and Content
2) Error Tracking Tool : JIRA
3) Reporting : Wiki

And same time our offshore team is not using Logs and DB testing i hope very we will get! :)

My answer is okay or are you experting some other answer? Thanks!
Hi Siddiq,

We follow IEEE standrads for testing purposes. And we have our own quality manual for all Best test practises which has been prepared based on ISO standards.


Could u plz explain in detail what standrads(IEEE) r u following in ur firm for testing purpose? Best test practices means?
Hi Shakthi,

I coudnt reveal our Organization Qualiy Process bcoz its confidential, I am sending Testing life cycle document what we are following.

Thanks Gowtham, Our firm is not using any IEEE and ISO standards , today i will check with my PM... thanks for this document Gowtham and my heart full thanks for Siddiq for raise this question ... :)
Mr. Siddiq,

In my firm, we are not using any testing standards.



If you are doing application testing then here I would like to suggest you one of the lists follow the best practices

Please check here:10 Popular Best Practices for iPhone App Testing

Hi Siddiq,

Below are some of the best practices that is followed by my software testing services company. I have listed some of them below:
- Objective/Goals of testing should be clear before initiating any project.
- Testing /development scopes(In-Scope/Out of Scope areas/features) should be defined prior to starting of testing.
- Time lines should be clearly defined and communicated within all the teams.
- There should be no communication gaps and constant followups with provided feedback should play the role in making any project successful.
- Availability of resources(Environment, OS specification etc) before initiating any project.
- Product Estimates should be kept close to reality and unrealistic assumptions/expectations should be avoided.
- Implement and following right approach/model for the product(say. agile).
- Identify test-related potential risks in the project and their mitigation approaches.

I Hope this would help you in defining best practices for your organization.



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