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Explain the various usability issues that are commonly found in website designs and can be easily noticed by your user? There are various usability issues in website design that can stand in the way of an effective deal. Thus, please provide a detailed description of these issues.

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Usability means “ease of use” and more specifically in the web era it can be defined as “the ease with which your users achieve their goals within your website”.

I have listed below the most common usability issues outsource QA  or insource QA can easily capture:

  1. Inconsistency: the layout, the design, the buttons, and headers need to be placed in the right place.
  2. Stopping users from going backward
  3. Too high number of submenus
  4. Links opening in new windows
  5. Unstructured site-map
  6. Slow loading websites
  7. Poor Error Messages
  8. Tiny text links
  9. Long forms
  10. Non-Mobile email design


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