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There are so testing type are there, they are unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, re testing, user acceptance testing, ....etc.....What are the testing types comes under functional testing?

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Hi Deepak,

The test types comes under Functional Testing are

1) User Acceptance Testing
2) Regresion Testing
3) Inpu Domain testing
4) Parallel testing
5) Compatability Testing
6)Smoke Testing
7) Sanity Testing
8) Garbage Testing
9) Monkey Testing
10) Gorilla Testing
11) Pillot Testing
12) Usability Testing
13) Installation Testing
14) Retesing
15) Requirements Testing.......etc

Hi Deepak

Functional Testing: It is a mandatory testing technique in the black box testing.To know whether the application developed "To meet the customer requirements or not".
It has two types:
In sanity testing ,it has 4 Testing Techniques:
a) Stable functionality Testing
b) Link Testing
c) Monkey Testing
d) Pilot Testing

2)SMOKE TESTING:It has 17 types of testing techniques:
1) Input-Domain Testing 11)Regression Testing
2)Recovery Testing 12)Exploratory Testing
3)compatability Testing 13) Big-Bang Testing
14)Incremental Testing
4)configuration Testing 15) Static Testing
5) Inter system testing
6) sanitation Testing 16) Dyanamic Testing
7) parllel Testing
8) Installation Testing 17) Web functionality Testing - it is used in Automation Testing
9) Ad-hoc Testing
10) Retesting
Sirisha Good detailed answer....
Sirisha, nice explanation. Keep it up.

Dear Gowtham, we have to appreciate our honorable member "SIRISHA".

Well done Sirisha!!!
I agree with Sirisha's answer.

hi Sirisha, thanks for providing detailed ans.

hi sirisha,

nice explanation and good answer..keep it up...

can you tell me how the functional testing is done in manual testing(above testing)....?

because generally i do web application testing for website and apart for that not using above testing which you mentioned in functional testing...? and write a positive and negative test case for functional testing?

please explain to me b'coz i am beginner for this field...

bye take care,



5) Compatability Testing NON - Functional
12) Usability Testing Usability

are not Functional Testing

Non Functional....these are the 3 categories...
Black box testing, Regression Testing, System testing, End to end user testing, Negative testing and Smoke testing. All these comes under functional testing
Testing has classified in to 3 types...1.Functional Testing 2.Non-Functional Testing 3. Experienced Based Testing.

Testing is nothing but to ensure that whether the application meets the customer Req or not....

Functional Testing :

In Functional Testing ,Smoke Testing,Retesting,Regression Testing,System Testing,User Acceptance Testing,Functionality Testing...


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