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Hi friends,

          could u pls tell me what are the test cases for testing the triangle?

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Test Case for a Triangle:

  1.  Check It must be a closed figure.
  2.  Check The figure must contain only 3 sides which are straight and only 3 angles.
  3.  Check  2 sides must be passing throught each vertex.
  4.  Check The sum of all 3 angles must be 180 degrees.
  5.  Check all sides shud be same in length for equilateral
  6. Check only 2 sides shud be same for isosales triangle .
  7. Check if 1 angle is 90' then it is right angled.

thankx a lot Nagaraju

1. All sides should be equal
2. Any 2 sides of a triangle are equal
3. Sum of two sides of a triangle equals to the third side
4. One/Two/Three sides of a triangle is 0
5. Check if there are 3 sides,Check for the angles and their sum[should be 180degrees]
6. Check if the triangle is equilateral or isosceles or
7. Check if the sides are coinciding or not
8. Check if the triangle is right-angled isosceles, there
is a right angle or not.
9.if the triangle is acute or obtuse or right-angles
10. Check if the triangle is isosceles, the opposite angles
are equal or not.
11. Check if the triangle is equilateral, all the angles are
equal or not[i.e., 60degrees]
12.Check if the user is able to draw the 3 circles

Thank you poorna

Test Cases for Equilateral Triangle :
1)It should have only three sides.
2)Each side is connected to other 2 sides.
3)Angle between any two sides must be equal to 60 degrees .
4)Sum of angles must be 180 degrees.
5)Length of all sides must be the same.



Thankx a lot


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