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What are the tasks of Test Closure activities in Software Testing?

Test Closure activities fall into four major groups.

Test Completion Check: To ensure all tests should be either run or deliberately skipped and all known defects should be either fixed, deferred for a future release or accepted as a permanent restriction.

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Most of the software testing services perform below mentioned tasks of Test Closure activities in Software Testing:

  • It is importent to make sure that all the testing work is completed and concluded. In difficult projects it is very likely that few things missed so this is the responseiblity of test manager to double check the test plan and emsure that all the planned tasks are actually done.

  • After the test completion, required test artifacts and work products should be delivered to the people who might need it in the future. The responsible team should handovers all the information to the concerned and authorized person, who offer support after product delivery and are tasked with making necessary changes

  • The most important part of test closure activities is to evaluate and record various lessons learnt from the software testing process . From discussing the best practices and good processes, to eliminating various unfavourable processes, all things are considered for future reference.
  • In the last, the team archive all the important and relevant test work and documents, like test report, test cases, test results, test plans.Test plan and project plan should also be placed or stored in the planning archive and there must be a link between system and the version being used. Test execution result should be properly linked to the version of the product.

Below answer has explained it very nicely.

In addition to that, creating Test Summary Report (TSR) or Test Closure Report is the main practice and major artifact

Below is an awesome article 6 Easy Steps to Write Test Summary Report (TSR) or Test Closure Report – Free Sample TSR to download


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