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What are the steps to be taken by a tester, when a development team rejects the defect?

I feel a tester should provide the screen shot of the defect and he/she needs to explain why it is a bug/defect.

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I Gone through this situation Many times

According to my experience

1. First You Should confirm whether it is bug or not.
2.After that if u r sure ki this is an bug then write detail description of the bug with step by step
3.Mention testing environment of your machine plus Browser version in which u done testing
4.Check browser stting whether JAVA scrit is disabled/enabled
5.Dont Forget to attach snapshots
6.Some times the bug is not related to functionalities,but if u think ki ye bug is important
then in this case u should convince ur Team and mangers (User Point Of View and Buisness Perpective)
7.Still your manager is not convinced then close this issue :) ,because u had done ur job
I am working on a command based application.

I have logged a bug which is an intermittent bug and is occurring on every release. If we follow the steps as logged in tracker, the bug appears for the first time, second time if we follow the same steps the bug is not reproducible.
But the development team says it is not reproducible and assign it back to the tester. We have to close the bug if it is not reproducible or we have to keep our eyes open to reproduce that bug?

In this scenario what we have to do?
Dear Krishna,
I also gone through this situation sometimes the bug is replicted sometimes not

In This situation take snapshots and be sure abt environment of devlopement and Testing

And always try to find root cause of the bug........

this require KEEN observation of tester.
Its good Question, when developer rejects or put its as invalid then we have to convey them to its valid bugs and let attached the Screen shot over it , and explain the Step by step processes where it found, if it is not find on dev environment then show them on test server or in released build and report it in bug tracker tool or mail it in right way.
First of all we should not give a chance for developer to reject the defect, we have to check the following things before raising the defects,

1.Summary of the defect is mentioned
2.Actual and Expected should be mentioned
3.Additional Information should be provided if necessary
4.Screen shot should be attached.

once we follow the above the steps and if still developer rejects the defect

we have to read the comments mentioned by developer, we have to check the defect once if we can reproduce it.

if we can reproduce the defect then we have to pull the test case associated with defect and the requirement from the functional specification document and verify the defect with the requirement. if everything is clear from testing side, then we will send the information to developer specifying these things.
Sometimes EGO clash is dere between Dev n Tester as its human nature...

Bt when u find a Bug 1st thing u do is get its Screen shot then n there so dat further u can have reason to say and show it was a BUG.

What happens is dis dat sometimes Tester just log bugs bcoz of not understanding the application in full fledged or some ENHANCEMENT bugs are reported which is actually denied by developers as its is not as per SRS.(System/Software Requirement Specification).

Bt if u think that what have u logged is a bug and its reproduceable then mark its Severity and Priority and communicate to the developer.If he disagrees just communicate same to ur Team Lead and PM.Discuss on it.

After all if he/she denies just Mark status as Close by giving comment parallel to the BUG by name of developer.



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