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What are the steps involved in building a programmatic description of dynamic objects?


What are the steps involved in building a programmatic description of dynamic objects? Can you answer this question please?


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There are three steps involved in building a programmatic descriptive of dynamic objects:
a. Identify the object class
b. Select object properties
c. Create a programmatic description
Hi Kiran Kumar,

To build a programmatic description of dynamic objects you need to know what are all the Properties you need to use to find that object.
then parametrize those properties values from external file so that when ever the object description changed then you need to modify the file. from that file you need to create the object description for that object.

I m taking my dynamic object is Button and and i am going to use "Class Name","text" to make a description of that object but here text property value is keep on changing (so that only i am calling this object as dynamic object)

set mb=Description.create()
mb("Class Name").value="WinButton"
mb("text").value=refer the object to read the external file content..

now use mb is the object reference that which you find with the description given by you.
hi saravanan,

Your explanation for programmatic description for dynamic objects is good, thanks for that
but wat my question here is you are saying that text is dynamically changing here.. right, then how can we use it ion description actually how can we trace it.. waiting for valuable reply...Thanks in advance....
Hi ravaluri,

There are certain Scenario on that the Button text will change like,

You have script is for Inserting some details to database.
you have insert Button in the Screen so now Button identified by using 'Class Name:=Winbutton' and 'text:=Insert'

After Insert Completed the Insert Button become 'Update' then by your script update the values and Update button is Identified by using 'Class Name:=Winbutton' and 'text:=Update'

Once Record updated then the same Update button become Delete then that delete button identified by using 'Class Name:=Winbutton' and 'text:=Delete'

The Same Button text is dynamically changing here initially it was 'Insert' After that it become 'Update' and 'Delete'
hi saravanan,

Am very thankful to your in detailed explanation..., regarding to the change in text we can trace it by using the getROproerty()we can find solution in describing that object right ?..If not plz guide me the process, waiting for your suggestions...Thanks in advance........
But here the Question that.. before getroproperty method u should give the Object description to find that object and retrieve the RO Property from that object..

Did u got my point.?


i suggest you that use that text to find the object..


so without 1st off there is no value for second off.
yea u r right saravan,

Then wat is the approach that we have to follow in this scenario to identify the text...
Thanks in advance...


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