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What are the scripting languages required and to learn for Test Engineers?

Hi Friends,

We have so many scripting languages available like JAVA, VB, C, C++, ...etc. Out of these languages, what are the languages required for us (test engineers).

Can any one answer this question?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Kiran,

If you are using any automation tools, like winrunner, qtp, silk test etc.. you have some basic idea of some scripting languages like VB script (required for QTP), TSL script (required for Winrunner) and 4Test script (required for Silk Test).

correct me if any thing wrong.
Hi Kiran,

It's not about learning any language, it's about learning to "code". The logic remains the same irrespective of any language or scripting.

If you are keen to learn better go for C++ /Java / C#. You will gain good skill on deriving logics which will improve your cognitive and intuitive thinking.

Siddiq, You are right. I agree with your answer.

Kiran, Siddiq's answer is correct.
Hi Kiran

What Kiran replied is corect...Kamal thanks for the detailed answer



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