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What are the real time emulators for testing the android apps and different android versions ?

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An emulator is both software or hardware that duplicates every aspect of the original device behavior thus taking the place of the real mobile device. It basically simulates the real devices thus allowing the app to run on it while conducting software testing services.

Some of the emulators that can be used for mobile app testing services are:

  • Genymotion
  • Manymo
  • Andyroid
  • YouWave

Below are some of the Advantages and disadvantages of mobile device emulator:


  • It simulates both software and hardware
  • Runs the App unmodified
  • Helps software testing experts to find unexpected behavior


  • Mobile device emulators are quiet slow since they simulate both hardware and software
  • While performing mobile app qa testing, mobile device emulator doesn’t take into consideration factors like battery overheating/drainage
  • During qa testing, you may find that emulators may be incompatible with the app 

Hope this information is helpful.



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