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What are the pros and cons of using a bug tracking software?

As we all know without high-quality free bug tracking software, observing software bugs is unthinkable. so it is very important to know about its pros and cons before using it. thus please briefly explain the various benefits and limitation of using a bug tracking software?

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As per functional testing services bug tracking is used to measure software quality, with an emphasis on finding as many bugs as possible early in the development cycle.

There are many tools in the market when it comes to bug tracking.

Below are some Pros and Cons of using a bug tracking software:


  • Bug tracking helps to ensure that bugs found in the system actually get fixed.
  • It also helps testers and developers to have a conversation and to recreate and resolve the problem together.
  • Bug tracking tools also provide valuable metrics along with to provide a way to ensure follow-through.
  • Bug tracking toll sends notifications to the right person when a bug is reported, fixed, retested, or marked as resolved.


  • Bug Tracking overhead of the processes and tools than the idea of defect tracking itself.
  • It may lead to complications out of confusion when it comes to lack of information, tools that are overly cumbersome and the user doesn't have the answers for the mandatory fields, and sometimes difficulty in reporting.
  • Customer needs to be extremely detailed with their issue reports for a detailed response.
  • Though defect-tracking tools help in storing documentation, they may sometimes hinder communication if they prevent team members from talking and collaborating.

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