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what are the prerequisite to start Web Services Testing

Prerequisite to start Web Services Testing  :

I have 3 years of exp in web application testing and i would like to learn Web services testing.

Please let me know what pre knowledge should i have to start web services testing, does it require any programming language to start with.

I will be thank full to u r guys if some body share basics of web services testing.

Welcome more comment and help from u all.


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Hi Sangamesh!

I guess it depends how and with which tool you wonna test Webservices.
First of all you should understand the functions and the way how a webservice is working (SOAP, *.wsdl... and so on). This might be enough for a tester. If you wonne get deeper into to topic & implement your own Webservice - then you should have a look at the technical aspects & earn some programming skills. :)

With soapUI you can test the service (freeware) - send requests to the service & receive responses which can be verfied against your specifications/ expected output values (probably one of the most common tests für webservice functionality). But there are many other tools you can use for your tests - click HERE
We test our webservices with the TOSCA Testsuite.

As well there are many good books I could recomend (on amazon.com) - you should just have a look.

kind regards
Hey Peter,

Thanks for the quick reply. :)


Thanks for your reply to this. It provided the exact information what was needed to test the web-services.

Hi Peter,

Can you please eleborate on what comes under "Web services".
My understanding s.."Any transaction we do on the internet, comes under the above.
Please correct me if i am wrong......
You'r welcome ;)
If you have any questions left, regaring Webservice testing, just pm me.
Hi Peter,

I want the information like when we send request to webservices and it provides response for the request and how to get whther it is correct response or not and one more thing am using SoapUI Version and also please post any tutorials to learn more in depth on soapui.



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