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What are the different stages involved in Database Testing?

Any one answer my question please.

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Verify whether the front end values are correctly storing in the back end database by writing the sql queries.

Verify the Constraints (Primary key,foreign key, Composite key)

Check the performance of the Stored Procedure

Check for the execution of the Triggers

The field size validation

Check constraints

Indexes are done or not (for performance related issues)
Hi Shweta,

The different stages involved in Data Base testing are

1)Verify the data in the database w.r.t front end transactions

2)Verify the constraint (primary key,foreign key ....)

3)Verify the performance of the procedures

4)Verify the triggers (execution of triggers)

5)Verify the transactions (begin,commit,rollback)

6) The field size validation

7)Stored procedures

8)The field size defined in the application is matching with that in the db.

The stages to perform Database Testing are :
a) Connection Establishment by specifying the database provider depends on the type of database.
b) Test Query Processing.
c) Test Query Result.
d) Database Test Report.
e) Database Test Review.
f) Database Test Report Submission.
g) DB test Resolution.
h) DB Regression Test.
i) DB test closure.

If any thing wrong correct me..................
Indeed a nice way to explain knowledge about database testing.


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