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What are the differences between software inspection and testing?

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Hello buddy,

Software Inspection

There are many names for the same thing. Some call it software inspection, which also could extend to the design and its documentation, some call it code inspection which relates more to the source code. A third name would be Fagan Inspection, called after the person who invented this quality assurance and testing method.

Code inspections are a highly efficient test method which cannot be substituted by any other test methods. It is time-consuming but according to statistics, it will find up to 70% of the contained errors, if executed properly.

Software Testing

Software testing is an important part of the IT industry. The process involves testing the features and validating the functioning of the program effectively.

This is a very important branch of the IT field because any software built is first tested to secure its effectiveness and ability in accordance with its specifications and testing plans.

It also helps to identify any kind of errors and defects in the functioning of the software which in turn helps the designer to take the needed measurements and create software with perfect operation.

There are different kinds of testing done based on functions. Every type is this classification is based upon its purpose and significance in the testing process.

There is a functional testing that is performed to test any kind of functional bugs in the software and assure proper functioning.


Software Testing Companies In UK

Hi All,

Most of the software testing company have different definitions in terms of Software inspection and Software testing but the main concept is the same that is testing is performed to find the defects in the application where as inspection is process of reviewing documents to perform the testing in better way to provide quality product with defect free shipment.

Testing is important to check if there are bugs, or errors which either throw exceptions or cause logical errors such as making relationships out of state and to give defect free shipment .

Inspection helps to make sure that features are properly decoupled, the program is running as fast as possible, and that nothing is going on behind the scenes which is undesirable. It also involve testing, doing code review to make sure that efficient process is used, and that the readability and maintainability is proper. 

Hope this will give you better idea.


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