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Common bugs: 

- App Crash

- Functional Bugs

- UI Bugs

Any other?

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Memory leaks
Network Related Issues
Slow Response

Thanks for your quick response 

There are many bugs you could find out in mobile testing

  1. App crashe due to compatibility
  2. app response on different devices
  3. UI and UX
  4. button response on click/tap
  5. Checking app by running multiple apps at same time on same device
  6. app response on low speed internet
  7. Checking all error messages, spelling and grammar on each negative test
  8. Change some data in actual website and see whether changed data reflecting in mobile ap or not and vice-versa(if your app have a web app counterpart)
  9. Security testing is most important in all kinda application including mobile app
  10. Checking data flow between application and database

And many more scenarios you have to cover based on type of application and the requirements.

Mobile app testing services

Hi Sandhya,

While providing mobile app testing services for any mobile application (html or native), look for the following issues:

1. App crash issues
2. Mobile App compatibility issue with different mobile devices/OS
3. UI/UX issues in different devices
4. Memory leakage
5. General Functionality issues
6. Permissions issues (Camera/location/app updates)
7. OS version related issues
8. Performance issues with the app
9. Connectivity issues at different network spectrums (2G,3g,4g) and WiFi

Hope this helps.


Main common bugs are found while doing mobile app testing:

  1. Compatibility issue
  2. Crashes
  3. UI/UX
  4. Memory leakage
  5. Functionality
  6. Module features
  7. Permissions issue
  8. OS version issue
  9. H/w Compatibility issue
  10. Performance issue
  11. Connectivity in mobile data(2G,3g,4g) and WiFi

We should use device matrix for testing any mobile application.


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