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What are the check points for performance testing by manually??

What are the check points for performance testing by manually???

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Some checkpoints below:

A.come up with exact end user scenarios and use cases.
B.Simulating end user environment.
C.Gathering/Creating data for testing.
D. Designing the experiments.
E. Automating the usecases for wider coverage/more scenario coverage.
F.Analyze Test results for identifying problem and communicating to developers.



Hello buddy,

Manual testing is done by software quality analysts. Who carefully analyse it by the application screens and try out different usage and input combinations.

They analyse the results to the expected delivery and report their observations. But, these manual processes have to be repeated often during the software life cycle due to either an unexpected source code change or due to other circumstances.

Some of the other factors include multiple operating conditions or hardware configurations that might appear from time to time.

Though the QA groups perform them accurately yet, the delivered software always has bugs. QA engineers always try to catch them up before the product is delivered but flaws always creep in, even though the best manual methods are followed.

Therefore, the next solution lies in the enterprises to take up or adopt test automation services which is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage to make sure quality deliverables.




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