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What are the challenges we face during browser compatibility testing?

HI Can any one explain me what are the challenges we face during browser compatabiilty testing apart from GUI changes?

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Cross browser testing is really an important part in testing website. This is the field where testers need to concentrate more. I've shared my views and experience on CBT, hope it will answer your doubts.



Thanku, the links you have provided are helpful

Apart from GUI changes you may also want to check the functionality, specially of javascript and jquery. Every browser renders css javascripts and jqueries differently so you might one to test that on each browser. Most of the time issues will occur in I.E. especially inI.E. 8 & 9.

For web application cross browser testing plays an important role. Most of the web application works on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers but when we test on IE the UI will interrupt on the web application. Both UI and functionality of the application is to be test.


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