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What are the challanges you are facing from your current Company? What are the challenges you are Expecing from your Next company?

Please post your Views on this Question. Hope It will be useful for all of us.

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Present Company : How to say NO to developers when I am not happy with the quality.


Future Company : How to say NO to developers when I won't be happy with the quality.




Thanks for Replying But,, I didn't get your meaning dude.

Very interestng question Raja,


Most common challange is to get the bug approved that has deviation with requirementt document/Use Case and Tech. Design Document.


Well, for the future cant predict the challanges from now but hopefully expecting something challanging into Quality area or technical side...

Thanks Shailesh,

Just think, now u went for an interview, the interviewer asked this to you, how u will react and what would be ur answer.

It wont change i guess :)


Expecting your view too on this question....

These are the challenges i faced,
  • Testing the complete application
  • Relationship with developers
  • Understanding the requirements
  • Decision to stop the testing
  • One test team under multiple projects

Adding more...Possible challenges..

  • Stringent timelines
  • Unclear requirements
  • No control on the build
  • Doing the regression testing manually if automation test suite is not available for some reason
  • Release not in control of the test team
  • Reporting to more than one lead/manager!!
  • Shortage of resources in the team
  • Grooming a new resource to bring him/her upto speed in the middle of a project
  • Handling management & clients in case of escalation



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