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According to me these are the fears:


As some organizations move their in-house testing teams to cheaper offshore services, job security for software testers is perennially a concern. Said one uTester simply enough as to what they fear -- 'the time when my company goes for outsourced testing.'

Getting Lost in Redundancies

It's easy to miss finer details when you're bogged down in something that's familiar or repetitive -- the mind can inevitably wander.

Said one uTester: 'It would probably be missing critical issues while doing repetitive testing tasks (checking) due to lack of focus. So I'm afraid I'll miss an important issue because my mind wandered off thinking about the architecture of Sega's Duck Hunt gun instead of paying attention to what I'm doing while I'm working my way through the manual parts of regression tests.'

Coming Up Short

This was one that came up from a tester newer to software testing that likely would be quelled merely with time and experience. However, it was a valid point nonetheless of a tester that cares about getting the job done right:

'I'm afraid of a situation where I didn't find bugs at all. This is my biggest fear. And, if the client or even my colleagues find some, or worst, many bugs, I know I would blame myself for a while. Now I am more confident, but this fear of not being good enough stays in the corner of my head.'

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Software Testing is a very wide domain. The tester needs to handle dynamic requirement changes. The risk for testers is very high as they come in the last part of the software test cycle. Below are some of the biggest fears for testers as per software testing company

1. Deadlines: Nowadays software development follows strict deadlines. There are some reasons which make testers work more difficult.
- Late Development delivery date
- Incorrect understanding of requirements
- Unclear test cases

2. Wrong Estimation: Sometimes the requirements are not clear or there are unforeseen issues that a tester can not predict in the beginning while test estimation. This will result in more execution time.

3.Expectation meet: In the professional world, it's very important that you meet your client's expectations. Its a Tester responsibility that the product built whether it is matching its expected behaviour or not. if there is a little deviation also this will set a bad impression.


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