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Can You Brief on How or why and what is pair testing and what are its benefits to use this type of testing?

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As per best practice from software testing solutions,

What is Pair Testing:

In Pair testing, Two members sit behind the machine to verify the software. One member controls the keyboard and mouse. The other member ask queries, Prepare notes, Discus test scenarios, Check Test Data etc.

It’s a kind of exploratory testing were two members discuss the test scenario and share feedback about the software.

Why To Do Pair Testing:
Pair testing helps to speed up to test assignments and provide more quality to the results.

Who Can Do Pair Testing:
Pair testing is a combining efforts, One the member is a tester and other one is either a BA or Developer.

How To Do Pair Testing:
- Find the peoples who can work together and communicate easily with each other.
- Prepare the Environment to do pair testing.
- Determine the Goals of doing pair testing.
- Define the Roles of members like who will handle keyboard and mouse this person will known as driver. The other person who suggest test scenario will work as Navigator.
- Prepare the notes. If any loop hole and bugs found during the session then report the same after the session.

Benefits Of Pair Testing:
- It improves communication.
- It helps to share knowledge.
- It helps to train the other members about the software.
- Helps to prepare test documentation.
- Helps to find out the major bugs and any loop hole in the code.
- It Increase positive energy, Working together helps to solve the problems and creates a health team atmosphere.


Good Question

In this process of Pair Testing, Two software testers make a group of persons to test the application by using one machine. One person controls the mouse and keyboard and 2nd person discusses the test scenarios, and test cases and make a note of each.

Advantages of Pair Testing

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Promotes negative testing
  • identifying bugs
  • improves communication
  • opportunity to train other employees

Disadvantages of Pair Testing

  • The defect yield ratio may be reduced
  • Combinations of variables are not understood correctly.
  • Time taking

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