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what are the basic things we have to know to test ".net application"?

As a test engineer what are the basic things we have to know to test ".net application"?


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hmm - I don't know.

From my point of view - there's nothing special you have to be aware of?

I test many different technologies - (from HTML, Java, Gupta, Delphi, SAP, PowerBuilder, Flash... and even .Net) - but I have to feeling that 99% of all GUI Applications are similar to test.


So my answer to your question would be - "nothing special"?.

I'm really curious if anyone else got some input or ideas.



May be you should read some basic things like what is a dotnet framework and how and what all things a dotnet application require to run successfully. This will help you to test a dotnet application in a better way!

I think it is a good idea to know what framework is used in general. Like MVC framework in .Net is different from other frameworks. It just helps you how the logic is built ( a big picture though you need not know these things in detail. Also, it is good to know about which version of .Net the project is being developed, which database it supports etc. Because if you know it is SQL Server 2005 at the back end and not SQL Server 2008, then you approach towards database in a better way.Also, which browser developers are using in general ? ( So that you can straight away find bugs in other browsers ! ). Then you may ask in which server the Development build is taken.


All the above helps in deciding your APPROACH to testing. So you derive your testing TECHNIQUES accordingly. Your test case will be more realistic and efficient.

I hope these are basic things.





nothing spl max .. if  u r doing automation then addin is mandatory other wise it will not identify exact object..wt u wish to test..


Being a black box tester you need not to have any specific knowledge to test any application developed in . Net.  In fact the beauty of Black box testing is : That we need not to have the knowledge of the internal structure of the S/W. We are responsible for testing the functionality of the S/W , doesn't matter in which language or platform the Application has been developed.. 

       Rest Peter Sir has given good explanation in a joking mood.



Samrat Jha.



I Guess there is no as such special Things we need to carried out, a normal approach of any web Testing we can followed..





Any application you are testing weather its in .net or java, first need to know basic objective of the application. Technology doesn't really affect much for manual testing. Simple testing approach is needed.


If you are aware about the .net technology and framework then well and good but that doesn’t mean that you can't test application if you are not having any .net framework knowledge.


Need to test the application from the end user's perspective, ultimately end user is going to use the application.


I hope might this help you..



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