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What are the Automation Testing Tools Which is recently used by you and which is more helpful to you...Please Suggest

Hello All,

Please suggest the most useful automation testing tools 

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Hello Priti,

As per quality assurance services,

Choosing the right tool for automation is too important when there so many open source tools available. It is very difficult to select tool which is easy to use and offer most competitive features.

Below are some tools:

Test Architect:
- Keywords driven automation tool
- Supports Desktop, Cross Browsers and also mobile testing
- Also offers integration with Jenkins,

Parasoft Selenic
- AI based automation tool
- It can also use existing selenium tests
- Helps in reducing maintenance time for existing selenium scripts 
- Supports reporting features efficiently

- Open Source web automation tool
- Supports  Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl and JavaScript
- Can do automation across multiple OS like Windows,Mac and Linux
- Also offers record and playback feature


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