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What are the advantages of working as a tester for a product based company as opposed to a service based company?

Hi All,

What are the advantages of working as a tester for a product based company as opposed to a service
based company?

Thanks in advance..


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Working in product based company - Can use automated tools,Routine Job, Less Tension,timely delivery,Proper Schedule, easy to calculate the resorce hrs.

Disadvantages :- No learning, No technology Updation.
In a Product based company

# You need to work on newer products.

# You need to work on all aspects of that product and you can gain experience better then actually product users in industry

# Since product normally is a very small component of overall system, so you'll get exposure of system as well

# Since most of the new product has at least some innovative features. You have the chance of exploring new testing strategies.

# for every product we need to test various aspects, eg User Interface, functionality, robustness, Stability, Security etc. You gain experience of various testing domains.

# Also if involved in early phase of product development, You will learn complete product development cycle

# Once through with product development cycle, you can reach a higher up and work on overall Quality planning and not only testing
I have been working for a product based company from 4 years.
Project of Same domain, same work, same type of testing.

If you are working for a service based company, you will have an opportunity to work in projects of different domains which you can't in product based company. You can get more knowledge and also working with different set of people in different projects.

If the person is having below 6-7 years of experience, better to join in Service based company to get the knowledge in different types of projects of different domains.

After that, it is better to join in a product based company for cool job. Time constraints will be there as service based companies as well but not that much when we compared.
What ever the assignment (Product and Service) you working on you should be a well knowledge then only you can add quality of work on what you are doing -
(Then there is no issue what your going to do in down the line)
Apply Company Quality policies / Procedures / Process very effetely
(It depends on which position are you and your skills up to)
Apply the max possibilities to pull off the quality
(Based on your understand on proj, the time line and again your views)
There is + & -, But only the best thing comes out when you try for Best always
(The first thing comes in last $)
Final thing Learning curve never depend on what we are doing, it depends on our coverage

Good points 

@ Yogesh Sharma
@ Sufala Pendurkar
@ Abu Bakr Siddiq
Hi All,

Iam working in product based company and as far as I know its routine job,different releases testing same features etc & after some time u get bored . with service based companies atleast u have choice to work on different projects .
working in product based companies give you more exposure of the products,I dont think the same with service based ,as Lot of people working on the product, where your role is defined to specific testing process.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.What ever it is its up to the individual to learn new technologies etc.


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