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What are the advantages of working as a tester for a product based company as opposed to a service based company?

Hi All,

What are the advantages of working as a tester for a product based company as opposed to a service
based company?

Thanks in advance..


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Better is one which understands the value of testing and test engineers.
a company/management is willing to spend money for getting quality and not for merely formality.
A company which pays you better is a better company to work
Join before knowing everything
Dear all,

According to me... Product based one s better than Service.
Since, In Service based one, the work s being like repeated... for example inventory(add,delete,update,view....)
In Product based...implementing new concept/ideas..v can get gud exposure on our field.

correct me if i m wrong...

Somanathan R.
No even in product based you may get repeated work like you may get no. of build of product to test.
and even you may get bored to test same product for month/year
Hi! I agree with Ulhas. Product based may have enhancements once in a while than service based. But one cannot escape repetetive work in both cases. The bottom line is monotony exists in all fields except in creative field.. :)
Exactly Som!!!!!

My situation is ditto as u explained!!!!!!
In a pdt based company u can get
1) Better salary
2) Flexible working hours
3) Some times there is no dress code
4) Indepth knowledge in that product
5) Small team and company size, so an ease to prove urself.

1) Can have boring environment with little or no entertainment activities.
2) Wont get exposure to multiple domains. Can have to keep on working for years on the same pdt.
3) Slower pace in growing in terms of designation

In a service based company,
1) Environment can be more lively .
2) Can get more domain knowledge as may get chance to work on multiple domains and projects.
3) Short term projects. So wont get bored with same project.

1) Strict and long working hours. In weekend also more oftenly u may be required to work.
2) Lesser salary in comparison to pdt based company.

These are points what I feel. Rest depends on the company market value, goodwill, name and type of work or roles and responsibilities u r needed to be involved into. So it depends on u what u decide are ur priorities...!! The ball is in your court...! :)
Most of Priya comments are correct..Basically I am also working in a Product based company from 5 years.

Except Two:

Flexible working hours...
To be frank the timings will be strict. Because when u come to service based company you will be having TimeLines to complete it. so u can plan accordingly but when coming to product based comapanies..as the company captures the market the sooner the "Product is released" and "it should be Max.free of Bugs". So u can guess now. You have to work like anything to meet the TWO criterias.

Coming to salary
it depends on the Company policies.
Exactly Vamshi, Me also working in PBC.
I am agree with Priya, but the major disadvantage of Product base company is you would be fired if your product is not generating the revenue. ;)

In Product Testing tester will have more scope for his/her creativity Imagination and usability issues. Here he/she can spend more time on making the application more user friendly. Lot of time will there to do a through testing and also he/she can execute all the scenarios what he wants to execute.

In Application testing the tester has to stick to the requirements given by the client... less scope for any changes/suggestions/enhancements given by tester.
There is NO difference until and unless you assume something for yourself.


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