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what are testcases we get if we want to add two add 2 new feilds?

In my application I want to add 2 feilds




1) credit





How many test cases that I can write .Can any one give the details

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this application related to accounts or baking or what...i want more imformation about this application
This is telecom Domain application,Order management.while buying a product
8 test cases are enough.

will u give me those

thank you,
Here they are,

Check for,
1) Both Credit and Debit as "ZERO"
2) Credit Negative, Debit Positive
3) Credit Positive, Debit Negative
4) Credit Negative, Debit Negative
5) Credit Positive, Debit Positive
6) Credit Real Negative(-3523.54), Debit Real Positive (34.56)
7) Credit Real Negative(-3523.54), Debit Real Negative (-34.56)
8) Credit Real Positive(3523.54), Debit Real Positive (34.56)

Hope this covers the behavior of Credit and Debit fields. Don't confine yourself to the number. You are good to add any number of Negative cases.

i m not understand this test cases,plz any test case explain me plz........
sorry .I have not provided sufficient information
those fields are only Headers only nothing to do with it.
the requirement is:

when we post an XML with those 2 fields credit and debit those should appear in the GUI

thats it .for this req i need test cases please

I dont think that we can define no of test cases for these two fields.

It will depend upon the functionality for which we are going to use these two field. for ex : If we are going to use these two fields for the banking domain then area of test cases would be very large . suppose we would like to add two fields to create journal books then test cases would be separate while if we going to prepare ledger then test cases would be different bcoz both accounting documents functionality is separated with each other.

Please let me know each memeber comments on my view..

Suggestion always welcome here..
i think u r right, test cases always depends on their functionality.


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