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what are test cases to test the application like MS paint?

hello dears,


now days i working on boardshare pallete application  testing. This is application like MS Paint. So keep Paint as application for testing. I want from everyone to discuss 

  • what type of test cases in this scenario?
  • what needs to add more at functional point of view?


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hi lot scerario we can write ... i will list out few ....

* Check all toolbox functions are working
* Check for colors
* Check for saving format
* Check for all tab functions are working
* Check for more 2 tools working together or not (eg:make a rentangle box give color inside box ...)
* Check MSPAINT EXE function is working or not ...

I hope above points will helpful for me ... Thanks!

I can add a few.

1.check cut,copy and paste works.
2.check whether the default background color is white.
3.check whether zooming works.(all menu items work)
4.check whether the selected color is displayed.
5.check whether the colors can be edited.

correct me if i am wrong.I hope all these comes under functionality testing,



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