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as per my knowledge

these are BVA


and Error Guessing

and reviews are also there or not?

let me know

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Testing techniques and test case techniques are same only, that means, but yes, it is very obvious that interviewer may ask you such questions to deviate interviewee's state of mind.

So, Test case techniques are nothing but testing techniques which are:



- EG

Normally this technique comes into use when one has to prepare field level testcases. That time one has to cover all the validations related to particular field which is in turns, spanning these techniques.

Thank You.

how can u say testing technique and test case technique are same.We can use testing technique to write test cases.

But both are not same


Try to understand the aim of using this techniques:

1. ECP: divides test data into different classes:

so while testing, you test application using this class divided data, and the same, using this technique, you can include different class divide cases into your cases. This way these techniques can be called as testing as well as test case techniques.

Same applies for other techniques as well.

Let me know still if you require any clarification.

Thank You.


I think test case technique can includes black box testing technique.

- Equivalence Partitioning
- Boundary Value Analysis
- Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing)
- Decision Table
- Error Guessing


I have provided some info. about this in Test Case Design. Hope it will help you more or less.

One more thing is that test case design is dynamic testing but review is static testing. 

no test case design is not a dynamic testing

design part comes before execution of test cases

Black box testing- it comes under verification process

white box testing - about validation  are testing tech

and types are like unit,integration,system,user acceptance testing

correct me if i m wrong


ok. Thank you for correction. :)

Agreed. Testcase design can never be part of dynamic testing.

Actually, Static testing and dynamic testing are part of testing activities and comes into testing phase in STLC while Testcase design is totally different phase.

Yes, Test case review, BRD Review, any other document review, is known/considered as a part of Static Testing.

Thank you for this clear explain.


There are Decision Table ( DT ), Orthogonal Arrays ( OA ) and State Transition Flow ( STF ) apart from BVA, ECP and EG.

Decision Table: Testers can use this technique to define mapping between inputs and outputs means this is applied when operation are there means this technique is when we have any button to click and more.....


Orthogonal Arrays: Tester can use this technique to avoid any redundancy in inputs or outputs.


State Transition Flow: Testers can use this technique to write test scenarios, test cases in step by step manner.


Please Correct Me If stated anything wrongly .

With Regards.

Sudhakar Singajogi


 Yes Sudhakar  You are 100% correct . This is the answer the Interviewer would have been looking for... 


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