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as per my knowledge

these are BVA


and Error Guessing

and reviews are also there or not?

let me know

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My Dear friend these are not test case technique.These are black box technique.

As per my knowledge  we can use these technique to write test cases.

No technique is available to write test cases. Test cases are written on the basis of functional documents

oh yes these are black box tech..but interviwer asked me this question



As per my knowledge there is no technique to write test cases. i think this is stupid question. Test cases are written on the basis of functional document. Its depend on tester logic and experience how many test cases written .

Suppose for any particuler module  u will write 10 test cases, any person write 12 , and any other person write 8,

it  may not true that all person write test cases of particular module r same. if there is any technique to write test cases. all person follow that technique and write same number of test cases.


hey sanu there is no technic yaar . just the interviewer tested you thats it . dont worry . first u improve yourself how to tell the test cases then no need to bother


Completely agree with you Abid as we have Black box Techniques which are:

1. Boundry Value analysis

2. Equivalent partitioning

3. State Transition

4. Descion table 

5. Test Cases Techniques

And we use these techniques to write the test cases 


Actually number 5 is confusing me

Yes You are right Gehad and it was my Mistake :S 

actually it is called Use case Techniques NOT Test Case and it is used as a method for describing the functionality of the system and Usually has one main flow (though may also have alternate flows)

Thank You for your depth reading :)

test cases are nothing but ideas of a test engineer for a particular condition for that requirement

for example , a particular object in how many ways you will be tested .so thinking ways are known as test cases

 they are divided into bva and ecp as you know about them

hi hey sanu pls can u farword how many questions and what questions did interviewer asked u pls yaar . 

oh yes

quns r like

brief dis about sdlc and stlc

wat is checklist?

diff between sdlc & stlc

hw to write test cases(template)

wat is retesting & regression testing with ex

wat is uml

wat is a use of use cases?

bug life cycle

about testing tools

about database testing

sql queries?

hw much testing should be done?

on which port http and https runs?

wat r test case tech?

and much more


as im working on linux platform he asked me some commands of linux os

like use pwd,chmod


thanks for ur questions . pls add me as ur friend . we can share our ideas . i also have lots of doubts . pls will uuuuu .

for how many questions did u answered . i know only  90% answers for these questions . hey pls tell what is uml ?

i think uml (unified moduling language ) comes in sdlc . actually these are not in the scope of black box test engineers . so why the interviewer asked you ?

yes uml stands fro Unified Modeling Lang it comes in SDLC under design phase



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